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Fine art and set design,
ENSBA Lyon, 2012-2014.

BA art&design, Man and communication,
Design Academy Eindhoven, 2014-2018/

French designer established between France and the Netherlands, Soline Bredin explores the limits of human relations with technologies and media. At the frontiers of digital and physicality, her work crosses multiple medium  video/photography/illustration and installation.

Digits Untangled


Digits Untangled is a futuristic scenario exploring notions of body, interface and sexuality. What will it mean to have a body in a time where physical phones might be gone? Our skin as digital interface.

How would we interact with each other while performing digital sex and how would perceive sexual intimacy?

What if sexuality was like the brain game “Untangle”? Tangle and untangle the knots to trigger your sexual desire. The levels of the game would be based on the Human sexual response cycle’s steps : The excitement phase, the plateau phase, the orgasmic phase and the resolution phase.

Sexuality wouldn’t refer to explicit sexual images of bodies but rather symbolized.

Presented as a peep show, this scenario explores the position of the spectator as a voyeur. Two videos of a digital body seen through an aperture on each side of the box. The spectators experience the otherness of their own body through a visual, tactile and auditory interaction. A jacket and glove with vibration motors are sending haptic feedback to each viewer. The vibrations are synchronized to the movements of the video, creating this analog virtual reality.

Different layers of voyeurism are placed in the installation. The two spectators observing each other through the peep show. They are put in discomfort and doubt of what the other is seeing. The audience around, looking at them and listening to whispering voices of the two digital bodies. The voices are describing the sexual desire evolving in the video without using sexual words.

Being seen seeing.


Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven

Photographs: Iris Rijskamp



Spirit Guide for our Facebook obsessive behaviours


Obsessiogram ( Obsession - hologram ) is a comment on our social media addiction that lead to our online compulsive behaviours.  Many researchers have demonstrated that the excessive use of internet was causing depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, impulsive disorder, loneliness..

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram affected the elements of our humanity : the cognitive, the ethical, the social and the emotional.

The constant need to perform online and the fear of missing out online impacted our physical social interactions. The diversity of materials at our disposal online enabled us to present ourselves in many ways that left our body silent. We blind scroll, stalk, constantly check our messages and notifications.

What does it mean then to be absent/present in the digital age? Are we present by being physically absent? Is representational absence a form of presence?

This project reflects on how we could become self-aware of our corporeality through our online obsessive behaviours. This Spirit Guide is a digital version of yourself, warning you from your absent states on Facebook. It locks your account every time you are blind scrolling, shit posting or stalking. Your Obsessiogram will show you the move to perform to unlock your Facebook account. These physical rituals are a mirror of your addiction. The pace of the movement is generated from the speed/amount of your obsession. The faster you scroll the faster you will have to execute the movement.






Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven

Photographs: Iris Rijskamp

Tweet Bodygraphies.


How words could be used as a tool to generate choreographic systems which would be directly connected to your online identities.

Our textual language would be translated into performing bodies based on the affect analyzed behind our words.


Each emotion - tone - action has a graphical notation which corresponds to a specific body movement.

Understand in a different way how our online identities are being perceived and how we can communicate with an online body language. Reconnect to a kind of corporeality while interacting online.


"Tweet Bodygraphies, your performed online identities" booklet.



Photography: Iris Rijskamp

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